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Well i accomplished my first certification today! I passed the Network plus with a 793. (Details below) I read both the Exam Cram 2 and Meyers passport. I really liked the Exam Cram 2, but i honestly have to say this website was as just as much help. I finished the exam with double checking my awnser with a remaining time of 10 minutes. So it was kind of close but i was told read carefully so i did. There was no air conditioning where i took the test so i was soaked! But anyways i just really wanted to thank this website and congrats them on there 2 year anniversary. Everyone is so kind and proffesional here! Special thanks goes to Webmaster, illogos and tkaadou for there time and help.

-I had a ton of port, osi layer, protocol and tcp switch questions!
-There were about 5 token ring questions specifially on speed and Mau's.
-General questions on Wan technologies.
-Link leds, max distances and wiring questions.
*They really stressed Static addressing for some reason. Lots of ?'s
*They really stressed DHCP and DNS questions. Lots of ?'s
-Traceroute, Netstat, Ping and Netbios.
-Lots of overal nic trouble shooting questions.
I would really recommend you study DHCP and DNS!
Any question Message me.
Thanks everyone!


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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on the new cert!
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    mobri09, I see you are from Pittsburgh. Did you take your test downtown? I'm planning on taking mine down there. I have to study it's been a while. What resources did you use? I have the transcender 1.0 but not sure if it's any good to study from since there is a new version 2.0. What do you think?
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    Another Pittsburgh person?

    I have been using Riverhead downtown for awhile. If you go there use VUE instead of Prometric (they are both, and I have heard less complaints from them about VUE).

    I used to take my exams at New Horizons out at Parkway center, but they made me mad a couple of years ago.

    Xitech out in Carnegie seems to have a nice testing facility, but I have only taken a class out there and no exams.

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    Yeh i just took the trolley straight downtown and walked a block and took the test! Hey i passed thats all that matters, but yeh it was really unorganized at Pittsburgh Technical Instute. Some teenager was running the Testing Center and there was no AC.
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    Congratulations icon_thumright.gif
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