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Good morning,

In the MS Press Text, 70-445, Chapter 16, Lesson #3, Exercise #1, Step 4(this is on page 483), the exercise is demonstrating the affect of issuing an mdx query against the Cube, and you can view this because you also have SQL Profiler up and running. You are instructed to enter the following MDX statement in SSMS while connected to Analysis Services:

select ([Measures].[Internet Sales Amount], [Measures].[Reseller Sales Amount]) on columns,
[Dim Product].[Product].[Product].Members on rows
from [Adventure Works DW]

I get the following error:
"The 'Measures' hierarchy appears more than once in the tuple."

If I remove either "Internet Sales Amount", or "Reseller Sales Amount", and re-submit the mdx query with just one of the preceding elements from "measures", the query runs fine.

Just to ensure, my Project and Cube are correct, I used the SSAS Project code modules provided on the companion CD for this exercise, imported into BIDS, and deployed.

Somehow I recall in earlier chapters entering a similar mdx statement of sorts....

Anyone familiar with this training materials?



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    I cannot see anything on the book corrections site

    (not sure if this is the right ISBN though)

    Hopefully someone else with more knowledge can help you (just started with SQL myself)
    My own knowledge base made public: :p
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    Are you starting with SQL Implementation and maint? That text, 70-431, is really well written and very good, in my opinion.

    I finished that learning track the end of July, and passed the exam. I decided to go with BI, using the text I mention in my initial post.

    This text(70-445), is poorly written and the instructions in the exercises in many instances are not well constructed, and extremely poorly explained.

    In some exercises, you have to type in extremely long SQL statements, but they supply the sql code on the companion CD to cut/paste. I recall one lengthy SQL that I copied off the CD was riddled with syntax errors.

    Some exercises dont work. I've sent them numerous emails pointing out problems and errors in the text. The text also has a lot of editing errors. They do not seem to care.

    Dont get me wrong, the text contains a lot of really interesting stuff and I am learning a lot of useful information and skills. And the majority of the exercises work fine. But when the forward of the book says that you need to have significant experience developing solutions using the software. If that is the case, then I would not need to buy the book.

    But I digress.
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    Yes, I am starting with 70-431 .. Although I am not even close to go for a SQL exam .. "all" I can do with SQL is creating / configuring a Mirror with Witness using SSMS and TSQL and installing a cluster .. I just know it because I had to install it for several customer .. still don't really know anything about TSQL and such - I just did once a loooong research and copy / paste since :):)

    I just bought these books to start getting into SQL :

    That should get me started :)
    My own knowledge base made public: :p
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