70-297 or 70-298 ?? which one is for me

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I have been a memeber of this forum for a while but never posted anything. Just been using it for tips whislt doing my MCSE. I have been working in IT for 5 years and am 24. I started doing my MCSE a few months back. So far i havent failed one. I only use microsoft press books, read for a few weeks solid then sit exam. So far i have passed with scores: 70-290 (880) / 70-291 (840) / 70-293 (700) / 70-270 (920) / 70-294 (890). To be honest i heard everyone talk about 291 being hard. It wasnt too bad. 293 was SOLID!. Anyone that says 293 is easy on any forum seems to have said it between 2003 - 2005. So i think ms may have made harder. Plus ms press book was appalling! From what i can gather ive done all core ones now and just need 1 design and 1 elective. My specialist topics are Active directory. So one would asume i would take 70-297. Though whilst security is fresh and its core toward MCSE:Security should i do that one. I have seen so many forums where people say this is soooooooo easy. Any advise. Reading the ms press book for 70-297. It seems just like a recap?? Like a childs book. Nothing diffcult in there at all.

Also anyone know the link to the forum on here where someone created a really long thread where people rated the ms exams by * to ***** in difficulty. It was quite interesting.
Currently having a break after the MCITP:EA. Citrix or Cisco next, not sure!


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    Yea, you should have used the Syngress book for 293. That was probably your biggest problem ;)

    I'd just go with whatever interests you. If you're an AD guy, go with that. 298 is a bit more flexible as it can be used for both the security and messaging specializations while 297 can only be used for messaging. What are you planning on doing for your elective? The two design exams are really just a recap of what you've learned thus far. If you've been paying attention to design considerations and best practices, you should be good to go with just a little review.
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    Booked my 70-297 exam. Being the fact second shots are around at moment, its making me gamble a little and as i have day of next tues booked it for then and staying in all this weekend to cram. If i fail, then whatever. Do it again in a few weeks. Just want to get MCSE as quick as poss. Also elective i have chosen 70-284 (exchange) i know exchange very well so hopefully be fairly easy.
    Currently having a break after the MCITP:EA. Citrix or Cisco next, not sure!
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