One reason I don't like Microsoft Books

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Maybe other companies don't just post the corrections and Microsoft does, but this list is ridiculous
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    I agree with you. I buy ms books and when I read them i expect that what is being taught in there is correct. If I am going through a topic that i have no knowledge of and take it as what is said in the book and the book is wrong and I get asked a question on a cert test about that and get it wrong because they where so stupid to not put the correct material in the first place it pisses me off.
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    Every other company posts their errata as well. No book is perfect. That list does seem to be exceptionally long though. The 291 is more realistic:

    I'm just surprised you found it. You used to have to put the ISBN into the search, but that changed when they went to live search. I'll just search for the exam number along with "corrections" from now on. Thanks!
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    I finished studying SS 2005 Imp and maint, using the text referenced in the initial post. Yes, the list of editing errors is extensive, but I cannot say I had much problems with the text, its exercises and companion CD materials.
    I got the errata page and made the noted corrections.

    I am currently going through Business Intelligence, and the book is poorly written for the most part. The errata page needs to be much longer than it is. Some exercises do not work. SQL code provided on the companion CD is riddled with errors, some explanations and instructions in the practice exercises are very weak.

    I have to say other than passing 70-431 and studying ss 2005, that is the extent of my experience in SQL Server. I am not a network/admin guy, sometims I get lost in things. However, the BI text is quite interesting, inspite of the way it is written. I am learning a lot.
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    dynamik wrote:
    I'm just surprised you found it. You used to have to put the ISBN into the search, but that changed when they went to live search. I'll just search for the exam number along with "corrections" from now on. Thanks!

    Actually the only reason why I looked for it was this thread :

    I just remembered book corrections because I send Microsoft an email once about a book I read and I couldn't finish any damn excesice because they didn't work .. and they refered me to it ...

    Then I just checked the exam I would take next and bang ...

    I don't get it .. I understand that some books have errors - but come on .. is it SOOO difficult to go through the exercises before releasing the books ?

    For example : I was writing a build guide in how to setup a high availibility RedHat setup using DRBD and Heartbeat ..

    I gave someone who had no clue a DVD and my guide and asked him to rebuild it and made notes where he couldn't get any further or where there were errors .. re-done the guide and asked another guy to do the same .. now you could rebuild the whole shebang with just copy / paste if you have to ...

    Well you know what i mean ... Just annoys me to pay so much for books with sooo many errors in ..
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    I'll say that I've recently gone through the APRESS PRO books for SQL 2005 High Availability and Disaster Recovery. They are infinitely more readable than the 70-431 MS book. The only downside is that there are at least 4 books needed to cover what is in 431.
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    Is this the book that also has an awful chapter or two on XML data? I was reading through the book then hit the XML chapter and it put me right off icon_scratch.gif

    That LONG list of erratas is not surprising for this book, there really are lots of errors and incorrect syntax all the way through.
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    This will be my next book to study so I will definitely be printing out that errata. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Which book would be the best really for 70-431 ?

    I do have a Sybex book here but I am not sure how good or bad it actually is
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    I have given the exam and the Book was owful, it best suited for people with a really good knowledge in sQl and that already know all the stuff written in the book.
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    ^^^ which book are you referring to?
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    Grynder wrote:
    ^^^ which book are you referring to?

    I suppose the MS Press one ?

    If so it KINDA makes sense :
    Candidates have sought out knowledge and experience with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to enhance their technical expertise, and they can implement and maintain databases by using specific instructions and specifications.
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