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I'm going to start studying again for some certs and looking for some opinions and advise. Quick background........been in the IT field for about 6 years and started on a helpdesk job and worked my way up to network administrator. That transition was about 5 years and then just of recent, I took an international job as a systems engineer with a consulting company in Bermuda. I plan on moving back to the U.S. in 2-3 years. I currently have my MCSE 2000, A+, Net+ and i'm torn between getting 2003 MCSE or skipping it and starting on the MCITP track.
Any opinions and advise are welcome.


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    Wow, that's a tough decision. It's too bad you missed out on those upgrade exams that were retired in March. You can use your 2000 MCSE as an elective, but you'd still need six more exams to get your 2003 MCSE. You'd need five exams for the MCITP: EA while you'd need eight (assume you use Vista for your client OS for your MCSE) if you do the 2003 MCSE, the upgrade, and the EA exam. How long are you planning on taking to do this? I'm not sure how well-recognized the MCITP certifications are; they're still relatively new.
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    I don't plan on using the certs for about another 2-3 years when I start applying for jobs when I move back home to the U.S.
    So I guess the real question is.......how well recognized they will be in 2-3 years?
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    Well I made the decision today that I'm going to start studying for MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
    Should be looooods of fun icon_mad.gif
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