Finished second interview - followup feedback?

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Hello Everyone.

Today I finished the second interview for the Datacenter position. Things went good but not perfect as I expect they mostly do in the eyes of the interviewee.

Well I went in and took a brief tour of the center. Then was taken to work on a broken server. Told that there was an issue resetting the password even when it would boot.

The SATA cable was damaged.

GRUB pointed to wrong boot partition. (not expecting)

Reset root password. (knew this could be a probability)

They gave me a hint to edit GRUB which I figured out correctly.

Ended up using knoppix for the pw reset even though I could have appended the kernel line, but they handed me a cdrom drive after I begun working and I noticed a knoppix cd sitting ontop a pile of cdrs so I grabbed it. Although, I forgot about chroot and asked for help. Now I wonder if they prevented getting root shell access by appending the kernel line with init=/bin/sh. Why would they give me a cdrom and happen to have a knoppix cd there? Must have I guess.

Wow, I was only expecting to troubleshoot some hardware. It's really not that difficult looking back but the pressure of the situation doesn't help and I'm not a seasoned Linux guru yet.

Well, I hope I get the job. I want to follow up with an email being that it is the end point where they will make a decision, any suggestions on not to sound like I'm begging?


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    If they give you a time frame at which they'd get back with you, then wait until then. If they didn't, wait a few days and ask when you might get word of a decision.
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    rubberToerubberToe Inactive Imported Users Posts: 56 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I was told they are going to make a decision soon so I guess hold tight. I just remember reading somewhere a person received the job over another due to the followup email. I did followup after the first interview with relevant information on questions I may not have fully covered.
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    I think the follow-up they were referring to was a thank-you note, not just relevant information. To be honest, I really don't know what the etiquette for the second interview is. I think sending a second thank-you note seems a bit redundant, but I'm not sure...
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