Confused with response from wget

We have a website that is hosted at URL example.net. If someone goes to example.com they automatically get redirected to example.net (still shows .com in the browser though). We had a problem where the website was not available so I tried wget example.com and got a http status code 301 response.

Status codes can be found here:

At that time I didn't know about the redirection so I didn't try it with .net.

Anyway the wget response said 301 Moved Permanently, Location:

Connecting to failed: Connection refused

So it looks to me like this redirection isn't set up right and it should be redirecting to the IP address of example.net.

Where I am confused is that whatever the problem was before has been fixed and the website is accessible now both from .com and .net. However when I do the wget command it still gives that address. I don't understand why with wget it is giving the loopback address as the moved to location but yet I can still get to it in my web browser.
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