Potential Need for a JD Edwards Consultant/Trainer in 2009

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My company is pursuing an opportunity that will require a person capable of providing consulting and training around the Oracle JD Edwards product line. As you can probably tell, my partners and I know almost nothing about this product line.

If this comes to pass, it will potentially be a long-term contract for a customer in Jamaica.

I have no clear picture of dates, etc.. at this point, but I need to start getting an idea of who could possibly fill this role.

We have an excellent reputation in this market, and we expect that whomever fills this role will not adversely affect us down here. In other words, we're not a placement agency who just looks to get a warm body and cash a check. The person who fills this role will be directly managed and responsible for achieving results in line with customer needs.

If you have understanding of and experience with this product, please send me a private message here, and we'll decide if we want to discuss further offline.


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