Printers and COM ports?

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If I understand correctly, If two devices are using COM1 and COM3 there could be a conflict. But I was taking a practice test and I got this question:

If COM2 and LPT1 are already being used, which of the following methods could be used to connect another printer?
A. Printers only use LPT1
B. Install another printer card in the computer
C. Change the IRQ of COM2
D. Configure it as COM1

The answer is D.

First of all, I didn't know printers could use COM ports, I thought they were exclusively LPT. And what about using LPT2?


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    personally, given those answers, i would have chosen to install a parallel card and set the printer on lpt2. but, irq5, which is used by lpt2, can also be the default irq for a soundcard (notably genuine soundblaster cards).
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