First Class Last Night

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So it was my first CCNA Class last night.

Got shown a lot of thing's but by far th emost useful was a system called packet tracer ( you may know it ) , Anway its a system were you virtually put router's , pc's , switches , servers etc in to create a virtual connection , it's bloody brilliant.

OSI Layers are confusing HELP!!!

If enough people contribute to my topic's i may create some sort of blog after each class , but not to sure how many people will learn what they've studied. Anyway i'm rambling on here.

Keep Studying.


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    Agreed, packet tracer is very nice. I like that program a lot since you can mock up both the logical and the physical map for reference purposes.

    Taken from nice343:

    Another reference dug up from the past:
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    ^^^^ afreed with what he said....

    the OSI layers will start making more sense as you get further into your course..... but agreed they can seem pretty confusing to start out...
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    OSI: Just keep going over them man. As you move through your coursework you'll start making correlations that will seem absolutely brilliant.....

    Best of luck in your studies.
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    This aint bad:

    But its like everyone has said - its repetition and you will have a better understanding once the parts start coming together
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    I looked on the Cisco site about packet tracer, and it says it's free, but it seems pretty vague about how to download it. Apparently you have to be a member of the academy, but there is none in my area according to their site, and no option to join otherwise.

    Anyone know more about this?
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    Yes, as far as I know you must be a current or former Netacad student. I couldn't tell you how to get it otherwise, but it is possible. I think Packet Tracer is great and suffices for most hands-on scenarios you'll need for the CCNA.
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    I agee with what was said about the class. It can be overwhelming. The earlier replies are correct, some of what you hear will not make sense now, but accept it as fact and latter it will slowly start to make sense.

    As you progress in the course, don't slack on your labs. If you have extra time to spend in the lab do so, even if your partner bails early. Many people start and don't finish the course. If you study and do your lab work, you don't have to be one of them. Good luck and visit often.
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