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1) Do the questions on the Network+ exam carry the same weight?
For example, if you have a question that has only a single correct answer and one that has 2+ correct answers, would these two questions carry the same weight?

2) Also, can you expect some questions to have more than 2 correct answers?

3) Does the exam state how many correct answers are to be found in questions that do have multiple answers?


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    1. yes, although there may be exceptions (i.e. non-scored items), nobody knows exactly except Comptia. But a questions with 2 correct answer or 1 will weight the same.
    2. Two answer may seem correct. icon_wink.gif For the exam there is only one correct answer (if they ask only one of course)
    3. I heard it does.
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    The Webmaster is right, also just as a note for 3) They will usually phrase it as "select the best 2 answers". So take some time over these questions as you'll need to make a decision which ones are more correct than others :) .

    Also watch out for trick questions on these, make sure you read them carefully. They'll give give you a negative at the start of the question, so you need to select the answers that don't apply, that sort of thing.

    My advice would be to just take as many practice exams as you can. If you can consistently score around 85 - 90% on the practice tests you should have no problems with the exam itself.
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