I want to access internet by using windows 2003 server...

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I am trying to access internet from my local network by using windows 2003 server. the situation is... I have a server with windows 2003, I have two NIC card install into my server. one NIC connecting my local network to my server another NIC will access to the internet. The same server also acting as DNS server and local domain controller. Is there any way by using NIC card I can get access to the Internet. Currneltly I have Broadband connection with cable modem.....

any suggession....


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    I'd suggest you ask in the MS section as you might get a better response form those guys.
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    It should be quite straight forward.

    Assuming you have one nic attached to your local network you could then attach the other to your broadband connection.
    Set up routing and remote access between the two cards.
    Don't forget that you have dns set up on your server. Make sure you configure dns forwarding to whatever your Broadbands dns address is and dont forget to delete the root "." dns zone from your server.
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