Passed yesterday - 794

alokin123alokin123 Member Posts: 268
I sat this yesterday for the first time and got 794.
The subnetting questions stuffed me up. I got like 30-40% for that section. Everything else was pretty high.
I actually found the exam fairly well spread on the topics i.e. DNS didn't dominate the exam.
I had 47 questions, most were multiple choice or pick 2 or 3 options
A handful of drop and drags
1 SIM (that's right one basic sim).
I guess i got lucky

My advice for any one who hasn't started studying yet is to read examcram2 as a lead in. Its an extremely easy read and will give you a good idea of what you are in for. Then use the MSPress book to get the in depth story and hands on as well. I found CBTNuggets and selftest a must have.

I'm doing 70-293 next. I have the MSPress but have seen some very bad reviews. Will it be enough in terms of a text book?


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