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I'm a new member here and I found out this website by just looking around and reading stuff. To start off I have no certifications but Im very interested in computers. I'm not rich to buy computer parts and everything so what I learned of how to fix computers from the inside was by walking in my alleys and finding old computers and bringing them home "experimenting" with them. Like I would unplug all the cables, take out motherboards, ram sticks, fans, cpu's and ask myself why this and why not that, whats this for and can it be used here, just basically self teaching myself. I also learned to troubleshoot some by fixing viruses, slow start ups, and other stuff.
Right now im taking a Computer Networking class in High School as my major( 3hrs everyday). Its nice but since its a public school we aren't really up to date on the equipment and computers, where using Dell Optiplexi's that came with windows 98 running XP on them for learning how to network LOL. But oh well as long we get to do it I don't mind. So far we learned how to network 2computers together and then learned how to network 4 together sharing files between computers and disabling sharing on others.

I find more of an interest in fixing computers inside and out and was wondering if getting a degree in Computer Hardware Engineering would be an area of interest for me? So far on the web I read this about computer hardware engineers,

Research, design, develop, and test computer or computer-related equipment for commercial, industrial, military, or scientific use. May supervise the manufacturing and installation of computer or computer-related equipment and components.

So that basically means they make it/design graphics cards, motherboards, ram, and other computer parts? Then they get to test it out and everything. This sounds interesting to me but I just have a main question. Do I have to be really smart to do this? Is the job outlook really expected to grow slower then average, and what would be best to get this or get me started certifications or a degree?

As for getting a certification I'm not really "book smart" when it comes to taking test. I'm more of a visual learner. I will read about it and think I might know it, but then when I'm shown I understand what the reading was about. So what do you recommend I read or get started with?

**Oh and sorry for my grammar if somethings don't make sense since im a foreigner and English isn't my first language.


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