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kryollakryolla Member Posts: 785
What is everyone thoughts on not being able to buy the workbooks separately without the 360 package. Do you think it will hurt the vendors sale and also the amount of people that will become CCIE's. I thought the program was suppose to increase the amount of IEs.
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  • apd123apd123 Member Posts: 171
    I hope the program evolves, but currently it seems as though they have taken an existing product and added a large tax for using the Cisco 360 marketing label. Also they are always talking about true experts so I guess their goal is to increase the number of "true experts" not just "CCIEs. I have a hard time believing that many people pass without the knowledge unless they are retaking a lot until the get the exam that fits their limited competence.
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    Evidently IPexpert and Internetworkexpert are not going to participate in the 360 program and internetworkexpert has revamped their training program....
  • kryollakryolla Member Posts: 785
    I bought WB3 couple of weeks ago and found out that Netmasters was part of the 360 program and doesn't offer their Doit lab anymore. So IE had an announcement this week and I thought I wasn't going to get their WB2 so I bought it before the announcement and now they say they are not going to participate in 360 program. I don't know why they recommended to purchase stuff before the announcement I could of used the money for christmas gifts. Hopefully I will get a bonus in Nov after we release Q3 earnings.
    Studying for CCIE and drinking Home Brew
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