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Ok , this is my 3rd post , and i'm in a weird situation in my life just now. So here goes , I Currentley work as an I.T Trainee/Technician. Been working at the place for 2 years now , and yesterday just turned 18 years of age. I have just started at the University of the West Of Scotland at night's to ( Hopefully ) become a Cisco Certified Network Associate.

I don't really dig my job anymore , yeah first year was good , learned quite a bit and got a Comptia +cetification which isn't bad at 18 i suppose. Also in my job the manage staff is a bit corrupt , they make you feel small by making you do the same tasks and constantly being arrogant ass's. They don't want anyone to learn anything or better themselves which I.T is all about.

So i'm wondering what to do. Should i leave my job , get a part-time job and Focus on my studies to do what i really want to which is CCNA.

Or should i stick it out with my job?

I know people can't tell me what to do , but just looking for some advice of maybe people who have bit the bullet and done what they dream of.

Any replies are welcome.

Tony x
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    To be honest mate, now isn't a good time to change jobs, then again there is no harm in applying and putting your CV out there. Just don't risk your current employment.

    I'm 28, been to University, got a degree and had a few jobs and worked my way up the IT ranks. People will always treat you the way they were treated when they had your job, maybe their boss got them doing the backups everyday or carrying old monitors back and forth, it's just about taking the rough with the smooth and taking advantage of the situation. The thing is you're doing the right thing, you've got some certifications, you're studying for CCNA and soon enough you'll be in a strong position for getting the job you want. In the meantime, exploit every opportunity, if some senior guys are doing some weekend network work, ask to come in as well to watch what they do and get some experience in the area's you're interested in.

    Hope this helps.
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    Ride it out, lucky to have a job right now. Snag a couple more certs and keep working at college. In this market you are gonna need a MCSE, CCNP and a couple of application specializations don't rest until you get them.
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    hi tony mate,

    You dont work in the education sector by any chance do you? icon_lol.gif

    Anyway...no, dont quit work!!!!!!!!!!! first of all you are actually in a IT position and gaining valuable experiance - it may not seem like but you are which will look better in the long run. Secondly keep working on your ccna and other certs when you finish that. Thirdly remember you are not going to become a network engineer over night, it takes hard work, experiance, who you know + alot of luck to get to that place. Remember to keep taking those small steps and keep taking the next step up. Ive worked with plenty of people who didnt want me learning what they knew or anything new at all but if i listened to them then i would be still working with them!

    You remind me of how i started out (same age / problems etc). At Some point look into getting your degree too - it will come in handy for the future mate.
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    Couldn't agree more with the above posts. Stay in your current job, but do apply elsewhere!
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    the_Grinch wrote:
    Couldn't agree more with the above posts. Stay in your current job, but do apply elsewhere!

    qtf, stay but keep looking. Be glad you have a stable job right now unlike some of us icon_cry.gif
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    Just work for part time and focus on your studdy. Don't quit job nowadays especially I.T icon_eek.gif Just remember: when you look up, more people is higher than you but when you look down, there is still more people is lower and worser than you. Always be sober-minded to work the trouble out. Take care!
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