CCIE - How to find out if my qualification is free

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I am going to be changing jobs soon but dont know if my CCIE is 'free' or being 'used' by my organisation. is there any way of finding out, ideally without talking to my boss?!



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    Hi and welcome,

    If you were a CCIE you should know the CCIE is a certification for individuals and you would also most likely know your own CCIE number, which others can use to verify if you are actually an active CCIE. Your post strikes me as odd but I think the answer to the following question will clear things up: what's your CCIE number?
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    CCIEs would know the details of this best I assume, but I work for a Cisco Gold Partner and as far as I know, a newly hired CCIE from an existing Cisco partner company will not count towards the headcount for certified professionals in the channel/reseller contract of the new company until after a period of 12 months.

    Basically, there's no such thing as "free" or "used" status after joining a company for 12 months, but during the first 12 months, it doesn't matter whether your CCIE was used towards the status of the old company, you won't qualify for the contract status in the new company regardless.
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    Yes there is a bit of a delay (to prevent you from associating with many companies at once).

    I can't remember the exact location, but somewhere on Cisco's site there is a way to become un-associated with a company (probably the same place you went to do it before). Your best bet would be to contact Cisco if you have problems.
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    You associate in your Cisco user profile -- so check there. And its only an issue if your organization is a Cisco Business Partner (and you associated with them in your user profile) and you quit to go work for another Cisco Business Partner.
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