CCDA Style question

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Hi all

I have an assignment in university which is to network 3 buildings which are 500 - 700 metres apart from each other. I have decided to join them in a triangle style arrangement by ATM with FDDI media/topology (video-conferencing between buildings is a requirement)

Now I need to look at each of the applications that are used and calculate how much bandwidth I will require between each building. I have a table with details of the five applications (including video-conferencing) and how they run. For example, the first application runs in Real-Time Specified (99.9% Reliability, 600Mbps, 20ms Delay)

Could someone help me to work out how much capacity I will need in order to run this application over the network? We are allowed to aggregate capacity between 2 sites (eg we can use 2 * 100Mbps links to form a 200 Mbps link)

I have another application which runs at a controlled rate of Specified (98% Reliability, 100 Mbps with 150ms delay).

I look forward to hearing any advice or help from anyone.




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