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Hi there,

I take my a+ certification in hardware on Tuesday...I think i know most of everything by heart im very good at memorizing facts and understanding concepts , but some things im getting two different facts thrown at me and i don't know what to belive (one book sayone on thing another book saying it totally differently) , one thing i find are
SCSI Cable Lengths
some say one meter for SCSI one some say 3 some say 6... and as for the rest of the SCSI , SCSI 2 , SCSI3 , theres discripencies in those as well , i looked in the SCSI technotes on the site and there was not a mention of cable length so i ask if anyone knows for sure? Also , in Mike Myers book it says SCSI priority goes from 0-7 , but the notes on this site say it goes from 7-0.... there are a few other conflicting issues such as when characters get cut off in a dot matrix printer , some say to replace the printhead some say to replace the ribbon. but if u could just answer the SCSI issues that would be great cause i hate this conflicting info its confusing! thanks



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    7 is the highest priority - usually used for the controller, and 0 is mostly used for the primary hard drive because that is used most.

    Want to be confused ....

    8-bit SCSI

    16-bit SCSI

    32-bit SCSI

    Now you really should not be confused as they ALL follow the same pattern icon_smile.gif

    As far as bus (cable) length - that is dependent on the type of SCSI and is outside the current A+ exam.
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