how do you check which IP is using the most bandwidth?

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How do you check which (internal) ip is using the most bandwidth (to internet)?

Is this any way to implement using Cisco PIX?

Can this be done with PIX501?

on to BCMSN ^=============^

2 x 3550 EMI
2 x 2950
2 x 3640
1 x 2621


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    For live traffice use the PDM and just watch the Bandwidth graphs. For historical data try a package that will read and store bandwidth via SNMP (there are quite a few opens source out there) and for detailed analysis get a package that will calculate bandwidth/protocol/sessions stats from syslog like the Adventnet Firewall Analyzer.
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    If you're looking for free solutions you could set up cacti to monitor certain links and then break it down to the switch port when you find an area you need to focus. All you need is an old linux box and it's pretty easy to set up.
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