Kit - What else do I need ??

Ok Guys, you know the drill by now... I've been given this lot to get me started....

1 x Cisco 1760 Router w/SPservices 124-15.T5 IOS (128Mb Mem, 48Mb Flash). This router is running CME 4.1.
1 x Compaq DL320, Intel Pentium III, 1GB RAM and 40GB HD. Server has been loaded with OS 2000-4-4a-SR4 and CCM 4.1(3).
IP Communicator
1 x WS-C2950-24 switch
2x 2600 Routers (1 with a BRI card, unkown IOS)

So what else do I need to add to pursue the CCVP ??

PS these any good ?
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    As mentioned in the CCVP FAQ, Lab Configuration ideas can be found in the Cisco Solution Reference Network Design (SRND) documents. While it would be nice to have a multisite lab with distributed call processing, you can probably get away with the multisite deployment model with centralized call processing. That gives you your headquarters location and 2 branch offices.

    If you find the link I had posted to the graphic of the NLI CCIE Voice Rack setup -- that is pretty much the standard in most Voice rental racks (and the CCIE Voice Lab). I can't remember if I posted the link to their router configuration for the PSTN cloud -- which means you'd need a router or routers to duplicate that.

    You'd want some analog ports and digital ports so that you can configure your HQ and branch offices.

    I've got fax machines (or laptop with fax modem & software) and an analog phone connected to FXS ports at each of my locations.

    One branch office has the MFT T1 and my "European Branch Office" has the MFT E1 -- and my PSTN cloud has the corresponding MFT T1 & E1 they connect to (and the imaginary Trans-Atlantic fiber cable that connects the European Branch to my US HQ and Branch Office :D).

    I've also got FXO or DID ports at each location, in addition to the digital T1 & E1 ports, to connect to my PSTN Cloud.

    Since I have a bunch of fully loaded MC3810s (FXO, FXS, E&M, and MFT T1/E1), I also use a couple of those to pretend to be PBX systems at my HQ and branch offices.

    That MC3810 is probably overpriced.... and isn't that useful with just the 2 E&M ports (and MFT). Check out my post in this thread where I mention
    mikej412 wrote:
    it is more expensive to buy the separate pieces and put them together into a useful MC3810 than to get a good deal on one that is ready to go.
    .... and then describe what you should look for in an MC3810.
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    cheers mike icon_smile.gif will start putting my kit list together and seeing what else i can borrow\buy\scrounge....
    if I say something that can be taken one of two ways and one of them offends, I usually mean the other one :-)
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