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I bought a laptop from the UK and and now use it in the US, but recently it has been giving me problems. Several registry errors are showing up everytime that i install new drivers or software for my system. At first i thought it might me the OS because i cleaned the hard disk and intalled a copy of win 98SE. After trying to boot up in safe mood and error stating that the xms memory adrress xxxxx driver is corrupt or missing, continue to load in safe mode press enter, after i press enter it says the himem.sys is missing. So i use a boot disk to copy the file to the c: and add a command line to config.sys. That still dosen't correct the problem so i use memtest86 to test the memory. and over 25,000 errors are showing up manily in every test but mostly for the cpus L1 and L2 cache. Can anyone please help. thanks


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    25K errors! --if I got that right icon_cry.gif

    What brand is your laptop; and what are the specs.

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    **** the os.....Use win2k...sometime that helps..could be the os
    sometimes win98's crash makes disk unbootable...and crazy errors...
    that doesnt even make sense...
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    I recently had these problems with my new Dell laptop. I formatted and reinstalled WinXP Pro and the problems went away.
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    The Specs:
    IBM Thinkpad 600X
    Pentium(R) III processor at 500 MHz
    (AGP) 2X
    256 KB on-board cache
    100 MHz front-side system bus
    12.0 GB hard disk drive
    64 MB SDRAM expandable to 576 MB had 128 MB earlier but took out the SODIMM
    Integrated 56K V.90 modem(6)
    DVD 6X-2.3X
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    over 25,000 errors are showing up manily in every test but mostly for the cpus L1 and L2 cache.

    Ok - you can look at it a couple ways. These errors are mainly showing that it is in L1 and L2 cache right? Does that signify RAM? - Nope, not at all. Shows as a CPU error correct? - Now, there can be several reasons for this ....
    1. Stuffed CPU - possible, but unlikely.
    2. Bad OS install - you are running memtest from windows?
    3. Corrupt BIOS - possible, but not entirely sure.
    4. Bad hard drive - first thing I would check.

    Here is my thoughts on this.
    First, reset the BIOS to default, then run a disk check using the manufacturers software. After this if the disk is OK, then use the manufacturers software to low level format the disk and reinstall again.

    That will give you enough known factors to aid diagnosing further if the problem still persists.
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    Memtest 86 is actually run without the OS. So i did intially think it was the CPU but i thought that can't be right with 25k + errors on the CPU and Motherboard. I shouldn't be able to use my laptop at all. I know now that it isn't the SDRAM. It could be the hard disk, OS, or possibly the processor.
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    Did you solve your problems?.

    I also have an IBM Thinkpad 600X with 500Mhz . I got two "bluescreens", something about "registry"?.

    I tried to re-install Windows twice from scratch and both times it bluescreened during early installation stage. So I ran "memtest86" and got thousands of errors!!

    Is it a memory problem for sure? Or is it another problem eg CPU or motherboard?

    I only have the basic 64MB memory, which is on-board the system board. So how to I fix it? new system board?
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    IBM actually has there own software that you create on bootable media that will test every peice of hardware on your PC.

    try that and see if it will point oyu in the right direction.

    Note: That link is to IBM Thinkpad 600x Diagnostics. If you want to test other IBM PC/laptops then you will have to specify your model number and type to get the correct diagnostic software.
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