CCENT Tomorrow

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Any hints and tips you guys want to share?

Heavy study from ICND 1 book, combined with CBT Nuggets for about 2-3 months. I've gotten to the point where I can do the Boson exam that came with it, and point out problems with their exams, but overall ace them.

I feel overstudied for the exam when I take some online tests, but then some others seem to hit me with a lot of Wireless and Nat / Pat configurations that Jeremy seemed to continually comment that were outside the scope of the exam.

If anyones got anything in the way of suggestions let me know. I'm going to go review the exam topics on the site as we speak to see if they've added Nat / Pat in depth.



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    Good luck! Get plenty of sleep, eat a light meal, get there early, relax, and time management. Good to go! :D
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    best of luck icon_cool.gif
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    mamono wrote:
    Good luck! Get plenty of sleep, eat a light meal, get there early, relax, and time management. Good to go! :D

    You sound well prepared so I'd say the above is the best type of advice for ya.

    Good luck.
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    Best of luck to you!!
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    Good luck!!!
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    I'll let you guys know how it turned out.
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    Good luck, if youve prepared well you should be fine for this.

    Remember to re-read both the questions and answers! make sure you can subnet too!
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    Best of luck to you, and hope you nail it :)
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    GOOD LUCK .. my best wishes
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    Good luck to you! :D
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    Good luck to you! I'm taking my ccna tomorrow to! :)
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    Double check the 640-822 ICND1 exam blueprint and make sure you have all the topics covered.

    Check out the Cisco Certification Exam Tutorial in the comfort of your own home -- then use that time before the exam to jot down your emergency subnetting **** sheet on you erasable dry erase marker note sheet.

    There are no mark and review options on the exam -- once you hit the next button the question is gone forever.

    You may also want to read the Cisco Career Certification and Confidentiality Agreement
    -- that either gives you more time to jot down notes before the exam, or lets you get to the exam that much sooner (after you accept this agreement). The Cisco Candidate Conduct Policy is another fun read.

    You should also try to relax..... which is hard to do. But we tell you to do it anyway :D

    Watch the clock and think about how you're going to manage your time during the exam. If you can't finish a SIM in under 10 minutes -- you have to ask yourself if your just "one command away" from finishing? Or are you just losing more time (and easier points). At the 10 minute mark working on a SIM you should consider moving on to the next (and rest of the questions). You do get partial credit on SIMs, so try something. It could also be a new ungraded trial question.

    Make sure you read the question, all the answers, and then read the question again. If you miss a word in the question or mistake what they are asking and just jump on an answer, you may have just selected the right answer to the wrong question.

    Good Luck! icon_thumright.gif
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    All great advice! Good luck!
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    I really don't know how to explain the exam other then, if you follow the blueprint you'll pass.

    Subnet... know this.

    CBT Nuggets Wireless is suffice for wireless. In fact if you just take notes during the video you'll dominate any questions.

    Use this for troubleshooting.


    1. IP
    2. Mask
    3. Gateway
    4. Encapsulation

    I had my entire whiteboard / eraseable paper loaded with info before I even wrote the exam. Plan beforehand on what you can use to make the exam easier, then make a practice sheet, and memorize that. I tell you, being able to instantly find masks saves a lot of time.

    I got hammered with moderated sims.

    I didn't finish 1 of them, I ended up missing something in the question, I changed 3 things, and walked away from it.

    Honestly by half way through I was really wondering if I was going to pass then all of a sudden I got a whole slew of questions which just seemed to be really easy.

    955/1000 was the final.

    One complaint tho, during the sims, the computer would randomly freeze for 5-10 seconds, then continue on. During the sim where I made the mistakes, it made it almost painful to go back and change what I did wrong. It got frustrating, but kept my cool.

    There are some fun sims tho, don't get me wrong, if you have a couple of routers and switches, you'll do fine.

    My lab is just a pile of 2600s and a 2900 switches. They worked well for it, SDM was an issue, but again Nuggets covered it well.

    In fact CBT supplemented with the ICND1 Cisco Press book really are a good pair, but beware, it doesn't cover everything.

    Know some trunking.

    Ultimately the best advice I can give is to read the question thoroughly, sometimes, you may just miss a few things, or the answer is in the question and its a no brainer. Otherwise if you have enough knowledge, you can work out an answer by process of elimination.

    Good Luck to those that attempt the exam!
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    I bombed CCNA back in March. I thought I was prepared but the exam worked me over pretty hard. As a result, I'm now studying just for the CCENT and we'll see what happens. lol.
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    Congrats man, thats a score to be proud off!

    Good luck with icnd2!
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    I am actually pretty proud of it.

    I was seriously second guessing myself after that one botched Sim, prior to that there were some questions I had narrowed down to 50/50 but wasn't 100% sure of it.

    I was really surprised when I got that score.

    Hopefully the CCNA goes as well.

    Good luck on your ICND1 Phant!
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    mzgavc wrote:
    Congratulations! Nice score! icon_thumright.gif
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    well done.
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    My bad listing the number of sims i got.

    I thought it was random.

    Lets just say its good to know your way around a sim, a lot of em.
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