CCNP lab setup

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Hey NP gurus

I have this for home lab

1 ASA 5505
1 1200 aironet wfi AP
1 2511 access router
3 2950 cat swithces
3 2520 router (1 of them is 2520 frame-relay switch i setup)
1 2501 router
1 2610 router

cant affor a 3550 switch yet but will this be good for ccnp lab?
and do you know of a good topology i could make? just wondering
I guess I can make my own but maybe there is something better out their?
thanks dudes!


  • cisco_troopercisco_trooper Too many Member Posts: 1,441 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I always use a full mesh topology to make sure I can see how screwed up things can get with certain technologies...and after I figure out how a technology works I try to find ways to break it.

    Full mesh will be a really good place to start if you plan to start with the BSCI for sure. With switching I'll use a double full mesh so I can always have spanning-tree in the mix of whatever I am working on.
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    I would say a few 1721's or some 3640's would help a lot.. the 3640's is what is often used as CCIE lab routers. 1721's are nice for the features they support but are limited in hardware.. (only 2 WIC slots, no NM slots).

    With the CCNP you're going to be using some features that I'm not sure that if your routers will fully support them.. to double check .. use the exam blueprint and go to to compare your IOS image to the features included.
  • itdaddyitdaddy Senior Member Member Posts: 2,089 ■■■■□□□□□□

    good idea

    and thanks plazma text book is a good place to start..

    will have to you gns3 for ccnp looks like found this kick ass site check out

    looks good i think
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