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i passed the CCNA exam on the 22nd of this month and went to authenticate on pearsonvue webpage,but when i'm trying to log in the certification tracking system i'm prompted for a password...as it is my first log in i tried to create a web login to define my password when prompted for first name and surname and cisco ID,after i filled the blanks ;i get a response from the system that does not recognise my name and Cisco ID although i fill in the exact same information as it is stated on my authentication page on pearsonvue and in the mail received from Cisco!!!!!???
can somebody experience the same issue???
what can I do to get access to the certification tracking system and have my certificate shipped...??
help please...!!?
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  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    Contact Cisco and they should be able to help you out.
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    Are you on the Integral7 web page (which runs the Certification Tracking System for Cisco)? Or the PearsonVue web page?

    The URL you should go to is on your score report -- and the link for first time users is above the login boxes. There you enter your name and Registration ID -- as listed on your Cisco Score Report.

    Here's the Cisco Link that should redirect you to who ever they are using to manage their Certificaiton Tracking System
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    mike i've been to the specefied URL and when i fill in my name surname and cisco ID i received this message:
    " Please correct the following:
    # We could not find a user meeting the specified criteria. Please review the criteria and try again."
    I STILL TRY but the same message is the only reply...!!
    i'm stuck..!??
    take it or leave it...!
  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    Like I said, contact Cisco and they can help you out.
    An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made.
  • scorphescorphe Member Posts: 18 ■□□□□□□□□□
    thanks...i 've done it and you guys got it right...proceeding still pending but satisfied...already!!
    take it or leave it...!
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