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My first post hopefully you can guide me. Can anyone recommend a great video training package? I'm looking into Preplogic, CBT Nuggets, and Testout. Im leaning towards Testout. I want the videos because I need to mix things up and I'm a visual person. When I read a lot, I lose focus and start to fall asleep.

The books that I have...
Cisco Networking Academy Programs Books 1 - 4
Cisco Press Book CCENT/CCNA ICND1 - ICND2 Third Edition

Thanks for your time


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    I would recommend CBT nuggets. From what I've seen they're really good and complement other study methods nicely.
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    ive used cbt nuggets and they are very helpful if you can afford that luxury. Trainsignal also do a good package. Both jeremy cioa (cbt nuggets) and chris bryant (TS) are very good instructors. However jeremy is a little OTT and gives you a good laugh too.

    Book wise - its odom or the Sybex book. Those are more than enough for the CCNA including a good lab for the hands on. If you want additional reading try the cisco doc cd - its excellent for all cisco. is great for subnetting practice.
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    I have been using CTB Nuggets and the Cisco Press book. The CBT videos are great but there is not enough information in there to get you through CCNA (although you probably won't need anything else to get CCENT). The Cisco Press book has tons of information in it but it is really dry, and a very hard read. I have just started going through the Train Signal video series because I've heard that it has a lot more information in it than the CBT Nuggets series. Bryant is boring compared to Jeremy from CBT, but there is more information in this video series.

    Does anyone out there think that these two video series' will be enough, or do we need to trawl through a 600 page book as well. I've already read the Cisco Press book but i didn't take much in because it was so bloody boring!!

    I'll be interseted to hear from anyone who has watched these two series' and done the CCNA exam.
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