WRR-queue... which queuing method ?

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Hey guys, i am having trouble here understand the concepts about queuing.

ok i know the differences between Priority Q, WFC, CBWFC, Custom Q, and LLQ.

heres where i have trouble connecting all of this.

are these congestion management queues only configured on routers ?
because in the BCMSN study guide, they configure WRR on switches, via WRR-queue

no i know that custom queuing uses Round robin method which basically goes to the next queue once the data or percentage of data has been sent.

what exactly does WRR (used on catalyst switches) fall under. is it a custom queue, but then you can set queue 4 to be the priority queue via the command, priorty queue out (cat 3550)

hopefully this isn't confusing...

but thanks in advance
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