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Would you think that the 70-620 would be worth pursuing with windows 7 due to be out before to long? also are the Microsoft exams as poorly written and off the wall as the Comptia A+ particularly 220-602 It tech exam?


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    Windows 7 ? RTM is "planned" for November 2009 - we know Microsoft so expect it to be released as RTM at the beginning at 2010 - not to mention until its retail and then until certification is even discussed .. I don't think you see any Windows 7 certification before the end of 2010 / 11 (if even)...

    So yes, it IS worth it ..

    Don't want to comment on the exams itself - I am not native so God knows whether its poorly written or not - I wouldn't know ..

    Edit : Vista was retail January 30th 2007 and the exam was published first January 3rd ... so maybe the exam will be released closely to the release of Windows 7 .. but as I say - Windows 7 is soooooooooooooo far away ...
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    I don't think anyone has certifications that are as badly worded as Comptia, both A+ and Network+ were horrible.

    I haven't taken any MS exams but I did read comments that Vista and Server 08 exams were better worded then the XP and Server 03 exams. Just search around on the MCTS and MCITP part of the forums and you can read the comments of people that took them.
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    This just came up the other day. Check out this post: http://techexams.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=39932
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    I think the Comptia A+ was written by someone who's second language is English! The grammar was all over the place from my experience.
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