exchange loop

I am getting an Exchange Error 5.3.5, a loop may exist. This is the only exchange server in the company, there are no smart host and there is only one smtp virtual server, the default one. Has anyone seen this error before, I have tried google and microsoft and didnt any results.


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    Can be caused by Outlook rules. One example of a loop can occur if someone has OOF set but also has a rule to forward to themselves! Ouch... Or you set an OOF and a client e-mails you and they have an Auto Reply rule set. Etc.... Thing with loops though, is that if you really had a loop, you would definitely known it from performance and someone's mailbox having a ton of e-mail messages, even millions depending on the message size and their quota limits.
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    i had this recently and took me ages to find that someone had added a mail public folder and then set it to forward to itself
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