new to MCPs

DoubleDDoubleD Posts: 273Member ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi Im gonna do my first MCP looking at the 271

a few questions are...
How many questions is the exam based on? How much Time do you get to anwnser them?
and whats the Min Passing score requriements?



  • RobertKaucherRobertKaucher Posts: 4,298Member
    Usually exams are over an hour and a half. Most exams are 50 questions, though I just took the 70-431 for SQL and it was only 47 and I belive the exams for Vista are a litle longer, cannot recall. The 70-271 will be about 50 questions. I personally have never used near the amount of time given for an exam, but everyone is different in that respect.
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