I just passed the a+ core exam

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I just passed my a+ hardware portion of the exam studying next for the software , test had some easy , some hard but the fact is is that u need to study everything for this exam cause you never know what your gonna get.. one funny thing about this exam i took today was that on two occasions they repeated the same question over again , i mean the SAME EXACT QUESTION BACK TO BACK! , everyword was the same so was the answer.. , luckily they were both something i already knew but i found that a tad bit not professional but thats alright ! also the computer hung up on one of the graphic questions , i was like HEY WHATS HAPPENING lol , but it became unfreezed 5 seconds later , but for a minute i was about to be furious if this thing crashes on me in the middle of the test lol... but anyway im happy i passed , on to the software!



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    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    Excellent Job. Could you tell us what they stressed alot on the exam? And what study material you used? Thanks
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    On my test , they didn't have too many of the same type of question , most every question was a different category then the one before , which leads me to recommend you guys to study everything lol , not just what u think will be on the exam... to my surprise i found very little printer questions , alot of networking and some tricky questions about hard drives (boot order and master/slave) ....other then those everything was very general if u read a book and take down notes u will be fine for the test , i used the a+ passport book by Mike Myers.
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    icon_cheers.gif My name is also Michael and I'm writing mine tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous but at the same time happy to get it over with.Glad to hear my namesake doing well.Write you back tomorrow and say how it went.
    hey good luck on the Os and once again congrats man!!!!!!
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    Congrats Michael icon_thumright.gif

    Best Luck Michael ;)

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