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I sat the 70-621 on Sunday at 5:00PM. Actually, I got there 20 minutes early and was surprised to have to wait in line as I just happened to roll in behind 2 other people. I went into the exam expecting it to be a practice test, honestly... I didn't really spend a great deal of effort. Was actually kind of more focused on the new ladyfriend in my life rather than my studies...

Here are the results:

Passing Score: 700

Results: Pass

Pro: Desktop Support - Enterprise (questions from 70-622)
Score: 700

TS: Configuring Windows Vista Client (questions from 70-620)
Score: 900

Score displayed on screen: 700

Talk about pleasant surprise... I wasn't expecting to pass. I just wanted to take the test to see what it was like as a practice test. hm... I was thinking Microsoft Second Shot the entire time...

Study Materials:

Microsoft Press 70-620 Configuring Windows Vista Client
Microsoft Press 70-622 MCITP Self Paced Training Kit
MeasureUp Practice Test (came with the MSpress 70-620 book)

Actually, I only skimmed the books. More so the 70-620 rather than the 70-622... And I spent more time on the MeasureUp Pratice Tests for 70-620, explains the lopsided score results. I've been working with Microsoft Vista for about 1 year now. 10 months of that time was in a WinServer 2003 AD environment, so I was somewhat familiar with the topics already. Kind of self taught through the MS Knowledge Base as I went along. Company didn't want to deploy Vista except for the execs and key personnel where the required application upgrades required it, i.e. HR. They also allowed me to use my own personal laptop on the corporate network since I was taking work home anyways...

RANT - Cover your eyes and skip this paragraph if you don't want to read it...

I honestly did not like this exam to be honest. It was so heavy on diction that I wanted to puke. I found myself reading the question and answers 3 times over before I made a decision. I don't understand why they can't make them clear and concise like Cisco questions... Plus, the exam crashed on me twice. Once on the 1st question, and second time on the 4th from the last question. I joked with the test proctor that maybe it would crash while trying to transmit my results just to spite me... icon_evil.gif Just my rant...


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