Jaysus ... finally a job

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At one point I was feeling embarrassed that it was taking so long .. but that's no way to approach life.
I used this site last year when I was doing my MCSA. I passed it just about a year ago. And like the chap who got two interviews this week, I applied to jobs here in Boston like crazy.
Over the past year I got interviews but no offers. My resume shows I've done a lot of hands on stuff and learned a lot, and I hoped that one could deduce from that that the skills I lacked, I would learn. But no joy. I was beginning to feel unemployable. I was hoping that I could blame it on the economy and not me.

Well a couple of weeks ago I got 2 offers in one week for Network Engineer. Both good paying, hard working jobs, visiting client sites and providing Network maintenance and support. I got one interview through a friend's work and the other off my own steam. I didn't think I would be in a position where I'd have to turn someone down. So I accepted the job at my friend's company and I start on Monday 6/21.

So for anyone else out there having a hard time finding a job. Keep at it, keep knocking on doors, never give up. I know I'm good at this and given the chance I can prove it.

I'm syched and happy as Larry and looking forward to my first day. I had planned on writing to this forum a year ago, thinking I'd have a job by then, but I always figured I'd write here and thank the site for the help while going through my MCSA. So thanx!

btw .. I've had a fulltime job as a microscopy engineer all this time, so I wasn't starving to death .. just wasn't doing what I wanted to do.

Good luck to all the other job seekers.
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    Congratz and Good Luck!!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congratulations!! Thats a big move. Can I ask? Do you have prior experience working in IT?
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    I wish I could have found a job in Boston. I am working, but blah blah blah....I need to finish my MCSA.....maybe I'll wake up and do it someday......anyway, congratulations!!!
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    Ya .... I started a small ISP ..... got 500 customers .... was working with Mac, Linux, Cisco and NT .... hadnt done a lot of Win2k networking b4 a year ago tho ... I worked as a Network Management Engineer .. that was all Solaris based .... so I decided to appear more marketable so I did MCSA .. already had a CCNA ..... so ya .. I had a good bit of experience.
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