Some questions regarding windows upgrade paths

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Hi there
I have started my MCITP studies just a few weeks ago and the first test is the 70-620 of windows vista.
I am just not 100% sure about the upgrade to windows vista in a few ways, I have the official course book from microsoft and also been reading articles but still.

I know that you can perform an upgrade (Upgrade, not clean install) to windows vista from previous versions of windows like Windows XP (SP2+).
Now, on the book it says you can also upgrade from Windows 2000 that is running SP4 (not older), is this correct? on the book (Module 1-14 book number 5115A) it says that you can, although on Microsoft's website it says you must perform a clean install... I will be happy if someone can clarify that.

Also few more on this matter:
1. Can you upgrade from a 32bit vista to another 64bit version of vista (And vice versa)?
2. Can you upgrade from XP 32bit to Vista 64bit (And vice versa)?

If there is anything else regarding upgrading vista that is needed to know and I haven't mentioned it please, share your knowledge. (Also note, I don't want you to think that I just come here asking for info, because I have been doing a research but specifically on this matter things weren't 100% precise.)

Thank you.


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    You can't directly perform an upgrade install (in-place) of W2K Pro to Vista, though you are eligible for an upgrade license (this may cause the confusion). Technically, i think you could upgrade W2K to XP, then Vista, but it's better to start with a fresh copy.


    If you are currently using Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional x64, you are eligible for an upgrade copy to a corresponding or better edition of Windows Vista, but a clean install is required.

    Upgrade copies are not available for versions of Windows earlier than Windows 2000. These earlier versions of Windows require you to install a full copy of Windows Vista.

    There is no upgrade path from any MS 32 bit OS to any MS 64 bit OS (XP or Vista), or vice versa. It must be a clean install, though you may be eligible to purchase an upgrade copy. You can upgrade 32 bit Windows to another 32 bit Windows (XP and Vista) or upgrade 64 bit Windows (Vista only, like Home to Ultimate).

    This page sums it up well: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/932795


    Which book(s) are you using?

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    Thank you,
    That made a lot of sense, if all the above is true, I am no longer confused regarding this issue, he he. :)

    I am taking a course at college, so we got the official Microsoft Learning books. for the currect vista module we use 5115A and 5116a from microsoft, and also some books written by college staff etc...
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