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hi, im new to the forums here and they seem quite helpful. I just wanted to ask everyone here what they think of the proposed objectives for the 09 exam? Are you people that are certified in prior versions planning on re-taking it? I was in the process of studying for the 2005 objectives but i decided to hold off until the new exam comes out as im still in college and i do have some time to spare. Is it worth holding off until the new exam comes out?


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    Dont know if this exam is changing anytime soon. Just because the exam says 2009 and your book says 2005 does not mean anything. If the exam code N10-003 is on your book then you are reading for the current exam.

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    It's hard to keep track of since CompTIA can affix a year to an exam even if there isn't an update. However, I believe there is an actual update for the Network+ in 2009. Unless you want to wait for the new exam to be released and wait even longer for training materials to follow, study and take the one that's available now. The old exam will be available for a few months after the new one is released, so no one gets caught off-guard. Plus, nearly everything you learn for the old one will be applicable to the new exam.
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    As ULWiz and dynamik said, the exam doesn't change in any dramatic way until the exam number (N10-003 in this case) is updated. Study what you've got, make sure you have at least one more resource (like CBT Nuggets or another book,) and get as much hands-on practice as you can.

    As for re-certifying when you've already got the Network+, that's not common nor necessary. Since it's a lifetime certification, it never expires, and it's assumed that you continue working and learning once you have the cert. Studying for the exam gives you the foundations, and after that it's up to you to stay current with port-speeds, standards, etc. In essence, it's assumed you move up from the entry-level knowledge Network+ represents, to something like the offerings of Cisco or Juniper, for example.

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