Virtualization is Nice

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Hello EveryOne

It is nice to know about how virtualization works which I never knew before.
It was few days ago when I discovered the "Virtualization" section of this forum and from there I installed MS Virtual PC on my laptop.
I am know enjoying how this thing works, which is really great.
:) :D :o
So I should thank the webmaster of this site and all the participants. icon_cool.gif

icon_lol.gif Keep up the good work guys
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    Yes, it is awesome.

    VMware server is harder to use and setup, but it's great once you slap in Linux in the mix and are able to create seperate networks. Very handy for the 70-291 you are coming up on
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    Cool to see people discovering new things here. :D
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    Wait till you see VMware Virtual Infrastructure (ESX) in full effect. :)

    VMotion and DRS are too cool.
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    I'll second that. Vmotion is awesome. :)
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