70-297 or 70-298

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I have just finished my 70-294 and have one exam left. I'm trying to decide on the 70-297 or 70-298. I read a few other posts that mentioned the 70-297 was kinda tricky. I didn't do as good on the 70-294 as I did other Microsoft exams. The 70-298 deals with security and I have the Security+ cert also. Is the 70-298 a hard exam? For those of you who have taken the 70-298, what did you think about it? Thanks in advance!


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    Everything else being equal (your experience with the material, etc.), the exams are going to be about equal difficulty. The extra difficulty comes from the different case-study format of the exams. Security+ really isn't going to help you with 298. You need to have a good grasp on all the security material up to that point, particularly from 291 and 293. It would probably be beneficial for you skim over the 299 material as well.
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    If you do 70-298 you'll get your MCSE.

    If you add 70-351 you'll get two more certs for your belt
    - MCSE: Security
    - TS: Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2006, Configuring
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    I think I will go with the 70-298 exam. I made the lowest score on the 70-294 exam of any of my Microsoft exams. I'm interested in security, so I think I will go that route. Thanks for the info!
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