Passed with a 735

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I understand what other people are talking about when they say this test is tricky/hard. The test is 90 questions and 90 minutes long. Everywhere else I see says 85 questions. I had about 15 questions I had no idea what the anwer was. I was not 100% sure I was going to pass. It is hard to give pointers because, you really need to know everything down to the small details. A lot of questions where you can narrow it down to 50/50 but just can't figure out which one the BEST answer is. I stumbled upon the free 7-day trial of the testout video/simulation software. The videos and simulations are great but you may want to buy a supplement study material also. I talked to their people and it is the full access trial.

Study Materials
In-depth Network+ book (this book is overkill in detail, waste of time, it actually explains how analog and digital signals work including, wavelength, amplitude, frequency, etc., get something that is more straight to the point)
TechExam.net notes
Testout trial software
Practice tests from proprofs.com
Practice tests that came with my voucher

I roughly scored 80-90% on practice tests. Sorry to be so in-depth, this is the kind of stuff I wanted to know before taking the test.

Thanks for the contributors of the Notes on this forums they are excellent.

Next, I guess I will have to get a job.


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