Ever install Hyper-V Server 2008 ? NICE config script

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Installed it the first time yesterday since I had no clue what this one was all about and how it looks like .. Firstly it is core only .. but then when I logged in the first time a config script popped up ...


What really fascinates me is stuff like the Windowsupdate option .. you actually see the status of downloading updates which you normally don't on a core server (at least I haven't discovered an option just yet).


Unfortunately I already run the update - but you do get a progress bar for the download and installation.

I checked the registry for the RUN key as it always poppes up and it seems it fires up


This one calls a file called "hvconfig.vbs"

One thing is sure - if this is working on a normal core server (don't know why it shouldn't) it would be a perfect config script for core server for admins who are not really familiar with the command prompt ..
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