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I have been looking through some of the Home Lab Equipment here. My situation is that I am studying for the CCNA, and then doing a few of the CCNA focuses (Security/ Voice). These will be done over the next few months and then I will move on the professional certs (CCNP, CCVP, CCSP) I have ample time to study and a load of experience. I do not know which professional cert i will go into, more or less up to work.

I am trying to design a lab that will allow me to study for the CCNA stuff now, and add to later to get to the CCNSP Stuff. I would like the stuff to be IOS 12.4. Can anyone recommend a good lab that I can build upon?

Thanks...I know people ask this question a lot, I felt mine was a little differant...


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    Try to get 2950 switches at a minimum instead of a 1900 or 2900XL.

    The picture in that auction has a totally different set of hardware than what is listed in the auction itself. It also has "Dual NM-Slot" for the 2610 which isn't correct.

    If you want to run 12.4 at a minimum then you'll need 8xx, 17xx, 26xxXM, 2651 or 36xx. The old 2600 has 12.3 as the last supported version. You can wedge 12.4 in but its a bit unreliable due to lack of RAM.

    A few more DTE-DCE DB60 cables would be useful as well. That auction only gives you 1.

    You should be able to get a better deal if you just look around on eBay for the individual components yourself.
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    I agree I would go with a 2950 if you can. Its def. worth it esp. if you are going to be going for the professional level exams.. you will gte a lot of sgood use out of it.
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    Do yourself a favor and download GNS3.

    GNS3 is a network emulator that uses real Cisco ios images for its functionality. GNS3 support a large set of routers and recently Pix Firewalls and ASAs. GNS3 can be used to create very complex labs more than suitable for CCNA.

    All you need is access to the Cisco ios images that need to loaded into it. I'm sure someone will mention the 'grey' legal issues that surround this...
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    mattrgee wrote:
    All you need is access to the Cisco ios images that need to loaded into it. I'm sure someone will mention the 'grey' legal issues that surround this...
    Grey? Because you're totally allowed to download a random IOS image from the internet and run it on dynamips/GNS3? Right...

    Or how about the other part. Are you allowed to buy a PC with Windows installed on it and then copy it to run on another machine at the same time?
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    Get the real hardware.

    All these emulators are cool, and they are useful. But nothing beats hands on! Getting a real feel for the cabling, how they are secured, the minor mistake's you'll make by missing your cross over and straight through cables up. (and then learning to color coordinate them)

    But I have yet to see a good set up lab requirements for the new Cisco options. I am thinking of doing Cisco :Security when I get done with the MCSE myself. So I am trying to keep my eyes out for good deals on ebay and what not.

    If you find a good Cisco:Security, Wireless and Voice lab let me know.
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    Okay So to start with now I think Im going to go with 1 or 2 2950 Switches....What router should I get...ill get 2...the (2) 2950s, and (2) Routers, will be enough to get me through the CCNA, right? THen I can add later??
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    Here's some reading for CCNA labs:
    And CCNP:

    As for what certs to go for, they say for you to do your CCNA then go right for CCNP then either voice or security after you have your CCNP.
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