IEWB1 finally arrived!

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Well, sort of. I'm waiting on the actual book but have the PDF version. I'm loving it so far. Everything I've encountered so far as been pretty simple, but it's all good review. I'm sure once I get further in the WB it will touch on some things I don't know very well. I already can't wait to order Vol II!! Just ranting..


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    Vol 1 is a nice book. Lots of things covered there. Did you get the version 5 stuff? I read that they have added a bunch of stuff to it (I haven't looked myself).

    Vol 2 is where the fun begins ;)
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    Yeah, I got access to Ver 5 Beta also, although right now it's locked with that LockLizard stuff (I think that's the name). I guess they're in the process of implementing different watermarks, and converting their stuff to regular PDF's.

    I haven't checked too much of Ver 5 out yet, I just started flying through some of Ver4. So far it's gone by pretty quick. Regardless, I'm all about fundamentals, so it'll be good to reinforce those things I do know, and to strengthen me in weak areas before moving onto the "real" fun..vol II. I can't wait..I love this stuff.

    I'm mostly focusing on the Layer 2 stuff for the moment, so I can stay on track and knock the BCMSN out soon. I'll go through the rest of the technology and complete the CCNP en route to the CCIE. I'm hoping to have a strong grasp of the material before even attempting the written.
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    Don't get side tracked Mike with the other tech labs in the work book it could be addicting. Enjoy your new toy
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    I think this thread just helped me make the final decision on which additonal study solution to use :) hehe

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    Good! I highly recommend it even for those not going for the CCIE. It's great. I had been eyeing it for a while, and made an impulse buy, but I'm glad I did!

    Don't worry drew..I will shoot you a PM or two once I get stuck horribly on Vol II!!

    The WB1 definitely makes you take a closer look at the details in the config, which is where it's all at. That is not only beneficial for the CCNP/CCIE studies, but in live networks too.

    I'll have to post some stuff on my blog once I get further. Can't wait :)
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