Help, cannot pass 70-297!!

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2nd attempt today! failed with 579, got 555 the first time. This time i studied loads from microsoft press book and from testout. What is the best materials to get!

I got 6 testlets and 46 questions! again! i left the to time run out on 2 of my testlets as i ran very short. Does that mean those were unmarked. As i felt quite confident on this exam this time.


I passed all other mcse exams with 800+ first time

What am i doing wrong???
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    Is this your final MCSE exams?

    If you are running short on time, I would suggest reading the questions before the testlet and then go back and try to find the answer in the testlet. I would assume that any you do not answer will be marked as incorrect.
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    What exactly is giving you such a hard time? Is it just the format?

    The design exams are basically a review of a few exams up to that point, so you might want to review some of your old resources.
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    What seem get me is exacltly what microsoft want.

    A. I only suggest seperate domain if password polices etc are needed
    B. I only suggest seperate tree root if no need for seperate schema but different name space
    C I only suggest seperate forest for the need to test environement or seperate schema

    Also if i have single domain i make all dc's gc's this is because no additional info is replicated as a gc holds a partitial replica of all other domains, but as each dc holds a full replica then can make all gc's with no extra traffic!

    If DHCP needs to be fault tolerant at all sites i suggest using 2 dhcp servers and exclude 50% of range on each one.

    Sorry to rant, but im getting do frustrated with this exam!
    I also have a lot of contradiction on interviews by ceo and cio etc, but obvoiusly ceo takes precedence.

    The ms book im using is first issue. any tips on better materials. MS books have served me well apart from an apalling 70-293, which i used testout.

    Have to wait 2 weeks till next retake, and company can only free my time for 9th Dec. I have booked this so how best to use my time and what are best materials. I did download transcender demo and that seems pretty good!
    Currently having a break after the MCITP:EA. Citrix or Cisco next, not sure!
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    Also have registered 2nd shot voucher with no problems, i take it ms give you 4th attempt free if needed??? This exam could start to become most expensive one so far.

    in regards to is this my final MCSE exam, then no. I still have exchange to do after. But that is my main level of expertise so fairly confident with that one.

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    Currently having a break after the MCITP:EA. Citrix or Cisco next, not sure!
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