6513 help with redundant supervisor cards

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currently we have a 6513 that is running ios and is only being used as a big switch no routing what so ever. I need to upgrade the ios on it and also put an additional 720 supervisor card in for redundancy. We are going to use the new supervisor card as the active card this card is brand new from cisco no config on it at all. Below is the hardware we are using.

8 2 Supervisor Engine 720 (Active) WS-SUP720-3B SAL09402412

Mod Sub-Module Model Serial Hw Status

8 Policy Feature Card 3 WS-F6K-PFC3B SAL094024V9 2.1 Ok
8 MSFC3 Daughterboard WS-SUP720 SAL09370G5T 2.3 Ok

What i need help with is getting the image updated on the current sup and i need to put that on a 512mb flash memory. I then need to put the redundant supervisor in and have that pull the config and image from the current(active supervisor). Then i have to get the brand new supervisor to be active. At one point we had a redundant supervisor in there so i believe we already have this switch setup for redundacy. Below is the redundant portion of the config

mode sso
auto-sync running-config
auto-sync standard

If anyone can lead me in the right direction that would be great. I am pretty comfortable getting the new image on the flash memory and booting to that. the part im going to have trouble with is redundancy. Will the new supervisor autumatically pull the config and ios image off the active supervisor?


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    Wow. You really need to pour through some Cisco white papers if you're on your own without a support contract. We have some of those new monsters at work, but all we're allowed to do is call the Cisco techs and follow their instructions.

    Good luck man. If you figure that one out without vendor support, they should give you a huge bonus.
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    the part im going to have trouble with is redundancy. Will the new supervisor autumatically pull the config and ios image off the active supervisor?

    If the new supervisor engine is in standby, then it will sync the running and startup config of the active supervisor. If you are using SSO with SRM (Single router mode), then your layer 3 traffic will continue to flow through the failover, until the new routing entries are learned. If you're not using SRM, then it'll take a few seconds for Layer 2 to be functional, and a few more for the engine to repopulate the RIB for layer 3.

    If you do a "show redundancy states", you should be able to see the status (active, standby, etc) of the supervisor in relation to SSO.

    As far as the failover goes, you can reset the active supervisor to cause the failover to your standby, by using "reset modX".

    I recommend Cisco's 6500 config guide highly..it has saved me many times. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/switches/lan/catalyst6500/catos/8.x/configuration/guide/redund.html
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    Ok here is what i got. I got the live 720 updated with the latest ios. the backup 720 is totally disengaged. I have the same ios that is on the live 720 in the exact same spot on the backup 720 disk0: The backup 720 has no config on it at all except the config straight out of the box. IS that all im going to have to do is pop the standy in and it should pull the config from the active correct? How do i test failover? there is not routing done on this switch at all
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    Do a "show mod" on your redundant supervisor, and see what the status shows. It should be in standby. If it is in standby, resetting your active 720 should cause the failover. Naturally I would do this when there is low traffic as it will cause a service interruption briefly.
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    ok thanks i will try that when we have the outage scheduled to test for redundancy. My concern right now is getting the disengaged redundant sup put in and get it configured. does it pull the config and ios from the active sup?
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    It should, but I highly recommend reading through this guide before-hand so you're well prepared for anything that may come up.


    There are certain conditions where it will not sync properly..check out that guide and you'll see what I'm talking about. Let us know how it goes!
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    Do you have the IOS or CatOS sup? or one of the sups that can do both?

    Just asking so I can learn something here

    Wish I could help, but I've only worked with 4000's and 5000's
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    He mentioned earlier is was using ios.The sup720 has 2 processors, the RP and the SP.If you want to run Catos, its loaded on the SP, its your choice to load ios on the RP for layer3 or you can leave the RP in rommon mode.
    You can also load ios on both which is te best way to go as Catos will be phased out.

    You need to verify the IOS version on both the SP and RP for both active and standby sups.
    Use the commands " show version" & "remote command switch show version" to do this.
    Also you must ensure the sup720s are in the correct slots 7 & 8 for a 6513, 5 & 6 for a 6509.
    Make sure you have the same hardware MFSC & PFC.
    Thats basically all you need to do.
    Networking, sometimes i love it, mostly i hate it.Its all about the $$$$
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