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I have a dated book that covers Exams 220-221, 220-222
It seems that the new objectives will cover material that wont be found in a my book (for example, the XP stuff).

So I was wondering if I would be able to get by just studying from my text that covers the older exams and study the notes provided from this site. Oh, and take the practice exams offered here too.


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    I would not reccomend so. I know people that tried that method, and failed. I would suggest picking up Mike Myers AIO guide, the 5th edition. It's up to date, informative, and easy to read. I used the 4th a couple years ago. If you get the AIO, plus what you have, plus this sites Technotes, you should have no problem.
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    Bummer...Oh well. Sounds like this Mike Meyers book is highly regarded so I'm guessing it'll be a nice addition to my growing library.

    Thanks for the advice
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