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Feeling refreshed after a 4 week holiday since passing the 291. I know I should have ideally gone straight for the 293 but I needed a break. I intend getting obtaining the MCSA first before passing any other tests, considering my performance appraisal at work isnt too far away.

Pretty sure that this question's been asked umpteen times, so folks please bear with me. I trawled through the threads but couldnt get an answer which would make me decide which books to buy. Havent heard/read good reviews at all about the MS Press book for the Exchange Server 284 test. Someone suggested that Tony Redmond book, anyone read it? I do have the CBT Nuggets and Transcender for this one, so can someone suggest reading material please. Money is of no concern as work reimburses everything, but most importantly I want to know the stuff, not just pass the freaking test. Cheers!
NSX, NSX, more NSX..

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