New to certifications - where should I begin?

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Hello, I'm new to the IT certifications world, but not new to IT. I currently work as a systems administrator and while I have experience, I do not have any certifications. I am looking to gain a few certifications to help solidify my skills and provide some sort of professional stamp on my IT knowledge. Right now I work with Microsoft products, in particular Windows Server 2003/2000 and SQL Server 2000.

Should I start with the Microsoft exams and if so should I go directly for the MCITP Server Administrator? Or should I start with a Cisco certification? I am in charge of administrating a Cisco router, but my knowledge about it is very limited. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.



  • JavonRJavonR Member Posts: 245
    I am not really familiar with the Microsoft stuff but I would recommend you first certify what you already know, then pursue stuff like Cisco certification etc.
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    I would go MCSA>MCSE> CCNA>
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    I would agree. You should first do what you know. You can do the MCSA/E route (with either security or messaging if you have that experience) and then take the test to add the newer certification later. Server 2003 will be around for a while so you are not wasting your time. I would also definately persue the Microsoft SQL certs as well. That is not my area but I know the skills are in demand. After that, I would just pick an area that you are interested in and go for it. It may open up new doors for you

    Going for MCSE:security, Intermediate ITIL, PMP
  • brad-brad- Member Posts: 1,218
    I would recommend taking the 70-290 exam for MCP.

    Then, if you are familiar with ISA or Exchange, take one of the newer generation certifications for those. Since you mentioned SQL, 70-431 is mostly use of the SSMS.

    If you're just doing this as a formality, I dont think it is worth your time or money to go all out for a MCSE or EA.
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    Hey buddy, since you have experience skip the Comptia exams.

    Given your strong background in Microsoft technologies, you'll really benefit from the MCSA/MCSE tracks, they'll round out your knowledge big time.

    Earn you MCSE and upgrade it to the 2008, given your background a year is not unreasonable.
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