Is My Book Misinforming Me?

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I'm using an older book right now that covers the 220-221; 220-222 objectives.

It claims that if you remove a hot-swappable item (keyboard was used as an example in text) that you can cause a system crash and that you can even damage parts on the system.

The wording in the text suggests either that the system:
1) has already been booted
- or -
2) that it is in the process of booting.

Is this claim possible in either case?


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    leefdaddyleefdaddy Member Posts: 405
    yes it is possible to damage a system that way.... you should not remove ps2 mice or keyboard with the system on. it is ok to remove usb items.
    Dustin Leefers
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    DaPunnisherDaPunnisher Member Posts: 108
    If a device or peripherial is "Hot-Swappable" then there should not be any conflicts. A ps/2 keyboard is a poor example of this because of possible driver corruption and/or crashing the system. You obviously wouldn't unplug anything during Bootup as leefdaddy mentioned. Hot-swappable is reffering to when the OS is up and running. Note that hot-swap and plug-n-play are different entities.

    A good example of a hot-swap device would be a SCSI drive that is controlled by an external SCSI controller.
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