Has anyone used 5th ed. by Que?

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Just wondering has anyone used the A+ Training Guide 5th edition by Que Publications by Charles J. Brooks? Just wondering before i make decision on purchase.


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    I'm currently using the 4th edition. Not sure how alike the two are but I will say that it is an okay book. I've looked through the Mike Meyers one that everyone recommends and must admit that it better suits me. The Mike Meyers one is very easy to read through. This QUE book that I'm using (4th edition) can be very boring at times in comparisson. Also, I've noticed that the author has a nasty habit of introducing acronymns without defining them. This has happened a handful of times already and I'm only on the 3rd chapter. What else...There was a question in the practice exams that had an incorrect answer but thats errata stuff...no big deal.

    I got my book for $9.95 so I can't really complain all that much but I will reiterate that I found the Mike Meyers one to be a much friendlier read. However, you may find for yourself that the QUE works better for you. Maybe you should go to local book store and take a peak at a few chapters from each book.

    It comes with practice exams throughout. There are end of chapter practice exams and full exams that consist of 70 questions for the Core and 72 questions the OS. Nice. Also, it comes with software that provides another 140 questions (70/70). Good practice.

    Oh yeah...I'm only on the 3rd chapter so my opinion of the book is only based on this limited exposure to what it has to offer.
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