About to begin my journey for CCENT

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Well i just passed my 290 Exam today and only have 291 left for my MCSA.

I think i have decided to take my CCENT Exam instead and then going back to 291.

I have both the ICND books but am looking for something a little more pleasant to the eyes for reading. Any recomendations for a alternative book?

Also have the CBT Nuggets for this exam.

Another question. Is the following gear enough to learn and do all the practice labs for this exam:

Have the following:

1x 2610 Router
1x 2620 Router
2x 2924 Switches.

It seems the Network+ has a good carry over for the concepts for this exam since the OSI model and a few other things are listed in the objectives.

Already have my one router and switches running my current network and was just wondering how much the average person used to prep for this exam?

Any help is appreciated in the questions i asked.
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    You should be fine with the current hardware that you have; though be mindful that you'll end up taking down your network to implement some lab setups since some require two routers. Setting up ROAS (router on a stick), you can get most of the lab work done through that for CCENT.

    As for books, I recommend Todd Lammle CCNA study guide. He writes in a manner that is pretty comprehensible, but you will still need to rely on your other books for more information and cross reading.
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    I second the Todd Lammle recommendation, very well written books from that man.

    As far as lab setup goes - you will be fine for the CCENT, all you really need is to be familiar with the IOS, most stuff is pretty straightforward. The ICND2 gets way more into configuration stuff (imo) but it's not too bad. GL.
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