Computer Networking by James Kurose, Keith Ross

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hi everyone,
I am doing my B.E. and I am deeply interested in majoring (and further studying) in Networking, but for now just the basics.
I read about this exam and its objectives but haven't started any prep on it.
I studied Computer Networking by James Kurose, Keith Ross and i think it was a good book. But I am not sure how helpful is it gonna be if I start preparing for network+ exam.
Any insight on this would be really helpful...

Thanks in advance.

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    rfult001rfult001 Member Posts: 407
    The book doesn't really go into the 7-layer OSI model. For some reason most college textbooks are still stuck using the 4-layer model. It will get you familiar with most of the concepts, but I would recommend a Network+ study guide of some sort just to familiarize yourself with the OSI.
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